East Africa Bush Tails

AAC Privately Guided trips with our Tanzania Guides

December Safari for the Streibich party Guided by Wilfred


The Streibich party arrived on the 29th of December and were transferred to the Legendary Lodge, for breakfast and a couple of hours of relaxation. As the flight was delayed, we slightly amended our program. We left Arusha mid afternoon and drove straight to Karatu for overnight at Neptune Lodge.


After a relaxing night and breakfast, we drove to the crater. It was a rainy day and the area was misty. But we tried our best and when reaching the crater floor, animals were there. We saw buffalos, gazelles, zebras, wildebeests, rhinos from a distance, a male lion eating a buffalo, few elephants and a pride of eight lions. We visited the hippo pool and found them enjoying the rain drops. Later on, we came across hyenas enjoying a bath from the pools of water created by the rain. We went back to Neptune at the end of the afternoon for overnight and clients got ready for their transfer to Lake Manyara airstrip on the following day.

Image result for ngorongoro crater


I left early in the morning proceeding to Serengeti so that I could pick up the family upon arrival in Seronera. We had a game drive en route to the Four Seasons where we were expected for lunch. We saw some cats – a leopard resting on a tree branch, two cheetahs busy looking for something too hunt, and also some giraffes feeding a little bit  far from the road. After lunch, we went on an afternoon game drive where we spotted Nile crocodiles, a raft of hippos squashing themselves over a small pond of water, few wildebeests, banded mangoes, secretary birds, marabou storks and white storks.


We left the lodge with packed lunch for a full day game drive aiming to find the migration of zebras and wildebeests. Indeed they were coming from the woodland and we saw quite a lot. We also spotted a pride of lions that tried to hunt and failed, a mother and a baby leopard, ostriches, guinea fowls, long created eagle, tawny eagles feeding on a dead bat eared fox, secretary birds, a beautiful journey of giraffes crossing the road, dik dik and a dwarf mongoose.


In the morning we drove to the eastern side of the park which was almost empty with few exceptions of topi and warthogs. On our way back to the lodge we spotted some lions resting under a tree, two cheetahs resting in a clump of long grass, spotted hyenas enjoying the mud pools and beautiful herd of impalas. In the afternoon we saw big herd of wildebeest moving from the west heading south, then crocodile and hippos enjoying fresh flowing water from the rain. When we drove back to Four Seasons, we ended the day by watching a journey of giraffes and a leopard resting on a tree branch.


Cynthia and Liana left early morning for the balloon ride while Wayne and Christopher had breakfast and a morning game drive. Our aim was to see elephants. We managed to see a pride of lions, some hyenas finishing some remains from a kill, vultures and black back jackals. We saw a leopard trying to hunt a reedbuck with no luck. During the afternoon, it rained a lot and we ended seeing herds of wildebeests, cluster together, gazelles doing the same thing. We watched a flock of marabou storks searching for bugs and flying to their roosting trees some lions walking very lazily from bush to bush.


After breakfast we left the Four Seasons Lodge heading to the airstrip for their flight back to Arusha. Along the way, we saw few animals like giraffes, impalas, warthog, hyenas and small herds of wildebeests.


August Safari for the McIntyre Party Guided by Martin

The McIntyre family arrived Kilimanjaro on Air Kenya.  They have been on safari in Kenya prior to Tanzania where they saw the white rhino and wildebeest migration.


I picked them up at the airport and dropped them at Serena Duluti Lodge. We went to visit Tengeru Primary School before check in at the lodge. They loved it. The next morning we left after breakfast heading to Gibbs Farm where we did a guided hike to the waterfalls and elephant cave. The clients got a new experience and enjoyed the yummy lunch. We left for Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge for an overnight.

August 1, 2016

We left by six am for our crater tour. It was really a great day since we saw lots of lions, hyenas, birds, and lots of small games. The highlight of the day was a male ostrich dancing before mating with a female. We went to Ngoitoktok where we had lunch with hippos around.

August 2, 2016

I transferred them to Manyara as they were going to Kogatende and Lemala Kuria Hills on game package. It was a very short time together but it was a good experience for the whole family.

August Safari for Frances Dieckmann & Ms Pamela Scala Guided by Jabshir

July 30, 2016

Frances Dieckmann & Ms Pamela Scala arrived into Kilimanjaro Airport at 2:20pm. After the immigration formalities, I transferred them to Mount Meru Hotel for dinner and overnight.

July 31, 2016

Frances and Pamela had a cultural visit so after breakfast we went to Ng’iresi and for a short walk around the village to see how local people live. We went back to Mount Meru Hotel for late lunch. Later today their three friends, Ms Helen McKay, Ms Sherley Saxton and Mrs Pamela McGaha arrived into Kilimanjaro Airport on the KLM flight. I met them and transferred them to Mount Meru Hotel for dinner and overnight

August 1, 2016

I met the clients in the morning and gave them a safari briefing and then we headed to Maramboi Tented Lodge for lunch followed by afternoon game drive in Tarangire National Park where we saw some animals before going back to the lodge for “happy hour time”!

August 2, 2016

This day after breakfast, we packed our lunch because we planned to go for the whole day. So soon after breakfast we went back to the park where we managed to see a lot of elephant, zebras, wildebeests. It is possible at this time of the year because Tarangire is dry so now many animals are feeding near Tarangire River. We also succeeded in seeing four lions, a leopard in a baobab and also three cheetahs around Silale Swamp.


August 3, 2016

This day after breakfast we left from Maramboi to Kitela via Maasai village visit and a short game drive in Manyara National Park. There we saw a lot of baboons, buffaloes, giraffes, two hippos and others animals.


August 4, 2016

We left the Kitela Lodge and drove to the Ngorongoro crater for the whole day. In the crater we added to our list more lions, hyenas, a few flamingoes in Lake Magadi, zebras, a lot of wildebeests and others wild animals. The highlight was seeing a rhino although it was a bit far in the distance.

August 5, 2016

After breakfast, we left for the Serengeti for another three nights at Kati Kati Camp. This day we did our game drive en route via Oldupai Gorge and we arrived in the late afternoon.

August 6, 2016

Today we spent the whole day out on the Serengeti so after breakfast we departed with our boxed lunches and managed to see a lot of cats (more than twenty lions, two individual leopards in a tree, two cheetahs, and another cheetah with a kill). In general it was another fantastic day with great sightings.

August 7, 2016

Today was our last day in the Serengeti so again we went for the whole day. We were lucky because we managed to see a lioness make a kill, also a cheetah kill a gazelle. I think it was the highlights of the safari.


July Safari for the Paez Party Guided by Martin

I had the pleasure of guiding Luis and Surekha Paez in July. The clients enjoyed an overnight at Lake Duluti Lodge before starting their safari.  We met on the second day and during the short briefing I learnt Surekha is an ornithologist and her husband was interested in seeing big cats.


July 3, 2016

Our safari commenced in the morning, driving to Tarangire Park. We took our lunch at Tarangire Safari Lodge followed by an afternoon game drive. Along Tarangire River we saw lots of elephants digging water on the sand, different type of birds, big herds of wildebeests mixed with zebras. It was a beautiful day to start safari with lots of expectation from clients.  At the end of the day we continued to our camp, Tarangire Tree Tops.

July 4, 2016

After breakfast, it was a full day game drive with picnic lunches.  During the day there were herds of elephant drinking water, two male lions and lots of birds. Surekha enjoyed viewing the birds. We saw fish eagle flying up with small tilapia from the river that made itself a highlight for the day.  That evening they had a night game drive with the camp guide.

July 5+6, 2016

Today we continued to their next camp, Chem Chem game viewing enroute. They enjoyed the night game drive and walking safari offered by the camp. We had two nights at Chem Chem


July 7, 2016

We departed early morning to Ngorongoro Caldera; the whole countryside was full of colorful Maasai blanket and cows.  The place was foggy so we couldn’t see anything at the view point.  The weather was got better and we descended down the caldera, where we could see a huge number of flamingos. The highlight of the day was watching a serval cat trying to hunt.

July 8, 2016

We stopped over at Olduvai Gorge. We enjoyed our picnic lunches and continued with a game drive to the Serengeti. There were two leopards along Seronera River one of them had gazelle up the tree.  We later arrived at the Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp for dinner and overnight. This would be our base for the next 3 nights.


 July 9, 2016

06:30hrs sharp we departed for game drive, few meters from the camp we could see two lions, as we passed Utalii Rocks we could see 12 more lions on the rocks. It was a very beautiful day with lots of elephant families and serval cat.  We drove back to the camp very late for dinner.

 July 10, 2016

Clients wanted to connect with nature as many hours as they could. So we woke up early with our picnic lunches. It was a beautifully day and we saw lots of birds.

July 11, 2016

We were scheduled to drive to Lemala Camp which was located in the northern Serengeti so we departed with picnic lunches and enjoyed some wonderful game viewing enroute. We saw huge herd of the wildebeest migration, lions killing wildebeests, three cheetahs and marabou stork feeding with carcass of wildebeests. It was another great day to view the Serengeti’s vast plain.


 July 12, 2016

Today the goal was to see the migration cross the Mara River. Along the river there were herds of wildebeest migration waiting to cross river, so we waited for 2 hours and they started to cross, it was one of the highlights of the trip. On our way back to the camp there was elands, elephants, and birds so it was the perfect end to our day.

 July 13, 2016

Another wonderful day in the Serengeti with the migration and residents animals.

 July 14, 2016

It was the last day of our safari, yet we saw another group crossing near Kogatende Airstrip. Luis and Surekha departed from the airstrip and flew back to Arusha.

July Safari for the Kerber Family Guided by Jabshir

July 15,2016

The Kerber family arrived today and I met and transferred them to the Arusha Coffee Lodge for dinner and overnight.

July 16,2016

I met the clients at 9:00 am for a short briefing before starting our safari to Maramboi Camp. We reached there and had an afternoon game drive at Tarangire National Park.

July 17,2016

On this day we had another full day game drive in Tarangire National Park. We saw lots of zebras and wildebeest soon after getting inside the park. It’s very dry now in Tarangire so many animals are gathering near the river for grazing and water.

July 18,2016

We left Maramboi to Manyara via Maasai village. After visiting the Maasai village we got into the park ready for our tour.  We saw some elephants, buffaloes a lot of baboons but we couldn’t spot any flamingoes on the lake and the water was still fresh. After a full game drive in lake Manyara Park we headed to the Ngorongoro Sopa for dinner and an overnight.

July 19,2016

After breakfast we descended down the crater with our lunch boxes for another full day game drive. It was a good day as we saw lots of lions, buffaloes, hyenas, jackals and so many wild animals including rhinos. We also saw lots of flamingoes in Lake Magadi.

July 20,2016

We left the Ngorongoro Sopa and drove to the Serengeti via Oldupai Gorge (one of the top historical places in the world). While gaming en route we managed to see more lions, one cheetah, and one leopard before we checked in Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp for dinner and an overnight.

July 21&22,2016

Two full days in the Serengeti National Park was a blessing. We saw many types of animals in large numbers: herd of hippos, zebras, wildebeests and a good number of leopards (seven leopards only in the Serengeti). On our last day we went for the whole day game drive where we saw more lions on the Kopjes, two cheetahs, but the best of all was watching a lioness killing a gazelle.

July 23,2016

After breakfast I took my clients to Seronera Airstrip. They were flying to Tarime then Maasai Mara to continue with their safari. The clients thoroughly enjoyed their safari.


July Safari for the Brickley Party Guided by Jabshir

 July 6, 2016

The Brickley party of 7 arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport and they were transferred to the Arusha Coffee Lodge for dinner and an overnight.

  July 7, 2016

After breakfast, the Brickley’s flew to the Serengeti where I met them.  We started our game drive en route to our shared mobile camp for lunch, on the way we saw a lot of gazelles, two cheetahs, a few groups of wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and other game. The highlight of our afternoon game drive was watching a pair of mating lions before heading back to the camp.


  July 8, 2016

We departed after breakfast for a full day of game viewing out on the Serengeti plains. We started at the hippo pool and went to the central of Serengeti where we saw more cats including a leopard in a tree, a lot of elephants, crocodiles, more birds, bat eyed foxes and other wild animals.

 July 9, 2016

On this day we planned again to go for the whole day game drive, so after breakfast we carried our lunch boxes and left camp. We saw more big cats, birds, elephants and giraffes. We topped it with a lion climbing a tree which made it the highlight of the day.

July 10, 2016

We bid farewell to the Serengeti and drove to the Ngorongoro via Oldupai Gorge. We visited the museum and had a talk about the gorge followed by lunch. After that we went straight to Ngorongoro Sopa for dinner and overnight.

July 11, 2016

After early breakfast we descended down the crater for the whole day game drive; it was a very good day with the best weather. We saw a lot of lions, hyenas, wildebeests, zebras, flamingos on Lake Magadi. We also managed to see a rhino before coming out the crater.

 July 12, 2016

After breakfast we drove to Tarangire National Park while gaming en route to Tarangire Sopa Lodge for lunch. We saw a lot of animals on the way, and soon after lunch we did our afternoon game drive where we saw a lot of elephants, zebras and wildebeests in Tarangire which now are migrating back to the park. We also experienced a unique sight, seeing a leopard in a tree eating its kill.

 July 13, 2016

This was our last day on safari, as the Brickley’s were continuing on to Zanzibar.


July Safari for the Harding Family Guided by Ephata Lotashu

This was the Harding family’s first trip to Africa. James, Wendy, Mary, Bridget and Grace were so excited to be in Tanzania and they had a lot of expectations for this safari. They were curious about the wildlife in all conservation areas as well as meeting the local people and learning from their culture and traditions. As a private guide, I did my best to make their dreams come true by providing a unique and unforgettable service.

Clients arrived on 14th July 2016 and they were picked from Kilimanjaro. I met them on the next day and gave them a short briefing. I went through their itinerary and gave them useful information about their  health in general, bathrooms stops, security on their valuables, electricity voltage, allergies and dietary requirements, dangerous animals, taking photography only by  permission and advice on to weather and bugs. I shared with them more about Tanzania in general; i.e. protected areas we are going to visit, the great East Africa Rift Valley, Ngorongoro caldera and Serengeti ecosystem.

July 15 & 16, 2016

We drove to Tarangire and saw a lot of elephants, wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and impalas roaming through the park. We also spotted a lion from a distance sleeping along the Tarangire River.

The highlight of the 16th was the leopard with an impala killed very close to our vehicle. The family loved the scenery of the park swamp, valleys, rivers and the baobab trees made it to be more unique.

July 17, 2016

We drove from Tarangire Swala Camp to Ngorongoro Sopa were we saw lots of farming and harvesting of crops like maize and beans. We stopped at Mto wa Mbu were we bought some red bananas to test them (they enjoyed tasting them) We had our lunch at Gibbs Farm and had an opportunity to visit the vegetable farm and coffee. They said the food was the best due to organic vegetables.

July 18, 2016

We drove down the crater floor at 6:30am were we saw 5 black maned lions eating a kill while roaring as the sign of protecting their territory and communication between them,. This was the most unique experience ever! Later that day we saw 3 female lions and 1 male (the 2 females and 4 cubs eating a buffalo killed very close to the road). We then drove around and saw other herbivorous like zebras, wildebeest and gazelles. We continued with our game drive after lunch were we saw 2 black rhinos in a distance and lots of hippos.

July 19, 2016

On our way to the Serengeti we visited a Maasai village where they practiced and enjoyed dancing with them. Our visit to Oldupai Gorge was educative to them. We saw several lions before heading to Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp for overnight.

July 20, 2016

We explored the central Serengeti where we saw almost 37 lions. We saw a pride of 17 lions together which was an amazing sighting. We saw 1 mama cheetah with 4 cubs trying to hunt and standing on the termite mound and one leopard very close to us. Some other species seen in central Serengeti were wildebeests, zebras, hundreds of gazelles, topi, hartebeest, hippos, impalas and lots of game birds. The vastness of the Serengeti made them to like more the Central Serengeti.

July 21-23, 2016

Being in the Northern Serengeti the big deal was to see the crossing of the wildebeest at Mara River. By doing a game drive we saw several lions with cubs, part of the great migration of the wildebeests and zebras, a lot of Nile crocodiles and hippos.

On 23rd July we managed to see the crossing which made their dreams come true. They did the balloon ride along the Mara River which they enjoyed.

July 24, 2016

Our safari came to an end. I took them to Kogatende Airstrip for their flight to Dar es Salaam via Arusha and I drove back to Arusha.


June Safari for the Plank Party Guided by Ephata Lotashu

It was the first time for Plank family; Kent, Maria, Arman and Austin to be in Africa. They had high expectations about the animals, people, their culture and traditions in general. As their private guide what I did was to make sure their dreams came true by providing them a unique and unforgettable experience.

Clients arrived on 27th June 2016 and I met them on 28th June 2016 for the briefing.

JUNE 29, 2016

Our adventure began with a drive to Tarangire and spotted tons of elephants, a python swallowing a baby impala and 8 lions before lunch.  After lunch we saw more elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests before heading to Tarangire Treetops for a two night stay. 

JUNE 30, 2016

We started at 6:30am and managed to see more herds of elephants, zebras and wildebeests coming to Silalei swamp for green grass and water that made it more attractive and enjoyable. We went further and saw few hippos in the swamp and 1 lioness trying to hunt. The clients had a walk which was educative and a night game drive.

JULY 1, 2016

Driving from Tarangire Treetops we had a stop at Manyara Kibaoni primary school and gave them some supplies and had opportunity to play soccer with other kids which was an incredible experience. In the evening we did a nature walk around Lake Eyasi. On our way back we saw local people harvesting maize and red beans.

JULY 2, 2016

We started at 4:45am driving to the Datoga (Bushmen). When we arrived they took some pictures with them and had time to talk about the culture and traditions. At 6:45am we started hunting until 9:45am where we managed to kill some birds and a puff adder snake. They showed us how to make fire and we barbecued the birds. the Hadzabe (Bushmen) was the ‘top notch’ as they said! “This was the greatest experience in our lives to be able to hunt with people who are still hunters and gatherer’’ Mrs. Maria insisted.



We came back and had an opportunity to use bow and arrows and they did dancing and singing too. Visiting Datoga was a good thing to experience how the black smith makes arrows and do butter trade with Bushmen to get the honey.

JULY 3, 2016

On our way to Serengeti we stopped at a Maasai village where they enjoyed the African lifestyle, culture and traditions. We visited Olduvai Gorge museum site which was educative due to a very long discoveries of an early human bones 1.75million years ago. We visited the Shifting Sand too and I told them that this is a spiritual mound for Maasai people for settling disputes, making sacrifices, conducting some ceremonial events, women unable to conceive, prayers, divorced couple to go back together and stopping natural calamities like flood, drought and fatal diseases. On our way to camp, Namiri Plains, we saw a pride of 14 lions close to the road and 2 males cheetahs just very close to the camp and this was 7:30pm and all these made a fantastic day.


JULY 4, 2016

It was another great day! We saw a cheetah with her 3 cubs almost 2 months old very close to us. A spotted hyena tried to stalk them and their mother chased him away and that was a great sighting. On this day we saw several lions, 1 leopard and many other herbivorous like topi, hartebeests, gazelles, warthogs and black backed jackals. On our way back to the camp we saw 2 more cheetahs.

JULY 5, 2016

We started our big day by seeing 5 lionesses and 1 male lion trying to hunt and attacking a hartebeest but they didn’t manage to kill. We saw hundreds of hippos, 1 lioness trying to hunt gazelles and a crocodile swallowing a big piece of meat in the water. This is a day we saw a serval cat stalking some small prey.

JULY 6, 2016

On our way to Seronera airstrip we saw a pride of 14 lions which had 4 dark male lions, 1 eating a Thomson gazelle carcass in aggressively way not allowing the other lions, which meant that he was the strongest in the pride. We saw 1 cheetah and another pride with 10 lions. They took their flight to Kogatende Lemala Camp for 2 nights to finish their safari.

June Safari for Howard and his daughter, Karen Wilcock Guided by Mkenda Emmanuel

Howard Zuckerman and his daughter, Karen Wilcock, had very high expectations as they were told that I have been a guide of the year twice. They also saw from a magazine (Travel & Leisure) that Africa Adventure Company won an award so they really expected to be on a safari with the top notch company.


The experience was excellent as we saw a lot of animals more than expected. Most of the time we were alone enjoying great sightings especially in Tarangire  National Park, where we saw lions  early in the morning just alone in an area where the grass level was very high which appeared to be very difficult finding them.

JUNE 29, 2016

We met at Lake Duluti Lodge where they welcomed me for a warm breakfast; It was great to know each other and I briefed them on their safari. As we were going through the Itinerary, I realized that the day of visiting Tengeru School would be Tanzanian International Day for Farmers so I decided to have plan “B” that was to find another school on our way to the bush for another day and we planned to visit Kilimamoja School in Manyara.


The experience was excellent as we saw a lot of animals more than expected. Most of the time we were alone enjoying great sightings especially in Tarangire  National Park, where we saw lions  early in the morning just alone in an area where the grass level was very high which appeared to be very difficult finding them.

We started our day in Arusha National Park with walking and game drive, it was great to see the Tulusia Waterfall. After lunch we drove to the Momela Lakes to see flamingos but as we were driving we got a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the lake colored with flamingos.

It was marvelous seeing lots of flamingos in the lake; some flying, landing and eating. It gave me a good time to talk about ecological niche regarding the two creatures – lesser and greater flamingo, which live together but still do not depend on the same nourishment or eological niche. The lesser flamingo eat the top layer of blue and green algae when greater flamingo eat the bottom layer of water seaching for small crastacians or molacus.

Later in the afternoon we had a great opportunity to see black and white colobus monkeys, it was incredible as we were just alone there.


JUNE 30, 2016

After luch we drove to Maramboi Camp. On our way we enjoyed seeing local people and markets. While visited Arusha City we learnt about  the history of Tanzania from German Era during colonial time where they build there office which is now changed to a National Museum.

As we were approaching the Great Gregory Rift Valley I explained the formation and it’s importance to tourism, that is according to geological findings the Rift Valley was formed about 20 million years ago, starting from the Middle East through Somali land, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania passing through Lake Manyara to Malawi and Zimbabwe. Then having another branch to the western countries along the longest and deepest Lake Tanganyika. These lakes were formed along the Rift Valley and do not have rivers draining water from them so all the salt or bicarbonates of different salt brought by water through small stream, creeks and floods remains in these lakes as the levels of the water controlled by evaporation in countless  years making the lakes alkaline or salt lake which is favoured environment for blue and green algae to grow and inturn is the food for lesser flamingo.

JULY 1, 2016

Today we planned on having a full day in Tarangire National Park. No sooner had we entered the park we saw a lion on the road, as we drove closer we saw a pride of five more lions. It was a great experience as we were alone enjoying the sight as people says  ‘‘an early bird catches a worm’’, also due to the fact that  the grass levels is very high so it’s difficult to find animals during this time. We saw a herd of elephants coming and crossing in front of our vehicle before seeeing a pythorn with a full stomach which showed that it ate an antelope.


Then later we saw owls on the tree, the clients couldn’t  believe the way I spotted them from a distance. We also saw the fringe eared oryx and a snake coming out of a hole that gave us a perfect gaming.

JULY 2, 2016

We drove to Gibbs Farm for lunch and a farm walk. On the way I talked about a mosquito creek town, that is this place attracted a lot of people from all over Tanzania from various tribes seeking for a good irrigation farming and the price from the tourism for crops like banana, planten, vegetable and fruits. Mto wa Mbu made to be good example of crosspolination of different tribes of about 120. We then visited a school at Manyara called Kilima Moja Primary School. Howard and Karen loved it.


We drove to Gibbs Farm, it was owned by a war veteran Mr Gibbs.  The  clients enjoyed walking and visiting the fresh vegetable gardern. As we were walking to the elephant caves I gave them an important talk on the importance of  direct intake of soil minerals to elephants and also to human in Africa especially those living in the remote area; mostly women who are pregnant   when  they can’t  afford a balanced diet meal. They had to eat these minerals from elephant’s cave sold in the market or collected from the bushes. Elephants have to eat this soil as their massive bones they need calcium, phosphorous and ions.

Then the clients enjoyed their lunch. We drove to Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge where we planned for the fullday game drive to the crater on the next  day.

We left early and enjoyed solitude of the Ngorongoro morning. We saw a rhino, hyena, lions and hippopotamus. We went to the picnic site for breakfast where the clients felt they were exceptional, as we were the only ones with a table and chairs.

JULY 3, 2016

We enjoyed seeing lions cowadly moving away from the herd of buffalos and rhino.

JULY 4, 2016

Our beautiful safari came to an end. The clients were satisfied and  so happy.  We left at seven in the morning to Manyara airstrip where the clients flew to Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp for game package and further adventure.

June Safari for the Water Party Guided by Elibariki

Day 1:

Today I met the Water party and gave them a safari briefing.

Day 2:

After breakfast we departed for Tarangire National Park and Oliver’s Camp, game viewing on the way. We saw herds of wildebeests and zebras crossing the road heading to a water hole to drink. We also saw impalas, giraffes, different herds of elephants, six bulls swimming in the swamp, Kirk’s dik dik and common waterbucks. We drove back to the camp for lunch. Soon after lunch we had an afternoon game drive where we saw lioness with two cubs of about one year old, bachelor herd of impalas, individual bulls of elephants, and family herd of elephants.They had a night game drive that was organized by the camp and saw white tailed mongoose, wildcat and common genet.

Day 3

On this day we planned for a full day game drive, so soon after breakfast we left. We saw varieties of animal like zebras, impalas, pride of twelve lions eating a zebra carcass, whilst two males trying to take the carcass and ate in the bush. Again we saw guinea fowl, white headed buffalo weavers, superb starling, lilac breasted roller, warthog’s families, and another pride of lions with one male along the Silale swamp, herd of elephant family, Kirk’s dik dik, yellow bellied and open bellied storks. After our picnic lunch we continued with an afternoon game drive where we saw big herd of elephant families, hundreds of buffalos, impalas and many other animals. We decided to go back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 4

We departed for Lake Manyara National Park soon after breakfast where we had a game drive on route. On our game drive we saw herd of elephant families, several impalas, giraffes, zebras, herd of wildebeests, and many others. On our way we visited the Maasai village and drove to Escarpment Lodge for lunch. We then had our afternoon game drive where we saw a troop of baboons, blue monkeys, velvet monkeys several  herd of elephant families, whilst the two bulls fighting in the middle of the road for  about five minutes. We saw impalas, herd of buffalo families along the lake shore, herd of wildebeests, zebras, warthog’s families, Kirk’s dik dik and silvery cheeked hornbills. We went back to the Escarpment Lodge for dinner and an overnight.

Day 5

We took our lunchboxes after having our breakfast. We had decided to go for a full day game drive. It was a quiet morning and we couldn’t see anything. Some minutes later we saw troop of baboons, velvet monkeys, Kirk’s dik dik, zebras, giraffes, elephants, a bull eating along the road,  dwarf mongoose, little bee eater, greater, flamingo, white pelicans and a yellow bellied stork. We then had our picnic lunch followed by an afternoon game drive where we saw troop of baboons, vervet monkeys and blue monkeys.

Day 6

We had our breakfast and departed to the Ngorongoro Sopa arriving in time for lunch. Soon after lunch we began our Crater game drive where we saw lioness along the road, zebras and buffalo herds. We saw another lioness with five male brothers, Thompson and Grant’s gazelles, kori bustard family, herd of elephants, black rhino, mating lions and so many wildebeests.

Day 7

Today we departed for the Serengeti, visiting the Oldupai Gorge enroute. On our way we saw ostriches, Thompson and Grant’s gazelles. We had our picnic lunch at Naabi entrance gate and then continued on our game drive and saw a male lion walking away from controlled fire around Simba kopjes, leopards, herd of elephant families, hippos, two pride of lions one along the Seronera River and another leopard along Kirawira road, impalas including bachelor herds of impala, giraffes, marabou storks and lappet faced vultures. We drove back to the Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp for dinner and an overnight.

Day 8

It was a full day game drive. So soon after breakfast we decided to move where we saw lots of giraffes, zebras walking in a line towards the river. We also saw herds of wildebeests, Thompson gazelles, school of hippos, bachelor herd of impala and several herum of impalas, topi, coke’s hartebeest and herd of elephant families. We enjoyed much seeing the pride of lions; one lioness on the tree, troop of baboons, leopards, velvet monkeys and some lions trying to stalk gazelles but they did not succeed to kill it. We took our packed lunch and decided to have an afternoon game drive where we saw almost the same animals. We took our way back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

 Day 9

On this day we were driving to the North Serengeti with our packed lunch boxes. So after our breakfast we started our journey and saw impalas, giraffes, different elephant families, dizzle of zebra drinking water in the Grumeti River with herd of Thompson and Grants gazelles, hartebeests, topi, troop of baboons, velvet monkey, and Kirk’s dik dik. After our picnic lunch we continued with our game drive, where we saw big flocks of vultures and marabou storks drying their wings after shower in the water hole, two herd of eland in the different places, herd of buffalo, bachelor herd of buffalo, mass of wildebeest migration and a cheetah with three cubs of about fourteen months old. We continued to Sayari Camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 10

Soon after breakfast we had a morning game drive where we saw giraffes, spotted hyena, herd of impalas, hippos, several elephant families, Nile crocodile’s wildebeest migration and small groups crossing in the different spots. We also saw topi, coke’s hartebeests as we were heading back to the camp for lunch. We started our afternoon game drive after lunch where we saw mass of wildebeests, mother cheetah with three cubs eating the carcass of calf of wildebeest, flocks of vultures, yellow bellied storks and mass of wildebeests crossing the river while heading back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 11

It was a good day where we started an early morning game drive where we saw African hare, herd of wildebeests, spotted hyena, hippos most of them in the water and few of them coming back into the water from grazing areas. The beautiful giraffes could be seen from a distance, few zebras, warthogs, harem of impalas, troop of baboons, big flocks of vultures and flock of white storks as we were heading back to the camp for breakfast. After breakfast we continued with game drive where we saw hundreds of wildebeest migration crossing the river as we were rushing back to the camp for lunch. Our afternoon game drive ended with sundowner for drinks which was arranged by the Camp Manager. The perfect ending to a wonderful safari!





May Safari for the Bernstein Party Guided by Mkenda Emmanuel

 I had the pleasure of guiding the Bernstein family this past May. These clients requested my service as their friends traveled with me in 2011 and recommended me. They had very high expectations as their friends had a great safari. The Bernstein’s began their safari in South Africa, where they saw a lot of things (except cheetah, black rhino and the great migration) so the pressure was on to show off the highlights of Tanzania!


Happily, the safari exceeded their expectations. It was a mixture of cultural experiences and great game viewing. They met with local people and observed their activities at the Maasai local market along the way to Ngorongoro. They saw lots of game including lion prides, rhinos, the migration, hunting lions, cheetahs and lots of hippopotamus.

In the Ngorongoro and in Serengeti, they enjoyed seeing a large number of animals gathered in one place –Something very different from what they experienced in South Africa.


MAY 2, 2016

The safari started by picking up the Bernstein’s from the Kilimanjaro airport. I met them after they cleared customs gave a brief introduction about the safari before heading to Ngorongoro Crater via Gibbs Farm where we stopped for lunch. On the way, there was a Maasai open market in Mto wa Mbu where we stopped and enjoyed seeing local people buying and selling cattle and other things.


I talked about the culture of Tanzania as we have almost about 120 different tribes. Many of them are found in Mto wa Mbu, known as the “mosquito creek town”. These people were attracted by the favorable environment for agriculture. However, Mto wa Mbu is also known as being one of the worst place for contracting malaria.

We discussed the other tribes living in traditional ways of life such as Datoga who live as nomads, Iraqw which emigrated here 2000 yrs ago and the Hazabe who live by collecting fruits and roots and hunting with bow and arrows.

At Gibbs, we enjoyed seeing flowers and vegetable garden followed by a delicious lunch. We departed for our lodge located on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. On the way I gave a briefing about the caldera, that is the largest intact, unbroken wall and unflooded caldera on Earth. It is sometimes described as the Garden of Eden.

MAY 3, 2016

Today was our full day of game viewing In the Ngorongoro Crater. We saw lions, hippopotamus, elephants, rhinos and all the wildebeests and zebras. It was amazing. We also enjoyed a picnic breakfast and lunch on the crater floor which made our day even more breathtaking. We saw this huge male lion and a female – it was just as if you were watching a National Geographic film. Then we saw the rhino and a pride of lions …all before we had breakfast!


On the crater floor, we enjoyed seeing a golden shimmering color from flowers especially when the sun was shining. This only happens during this time of the year. In the evening as we were ascending from the crater, we enjoyed seeing a troop of baboons on the road. It was awesome to finish a day in this way.

MAY 4, 2016

Today we drove to the Serengeti via Olduvai Gorge. On the way, I talked about the uniqueness of the gorge as it was the first place to discover the oldest skull of human kind by the name Australopithecus Boizei dated 1.75 million years ago, and that shifted the original of human kind from Asia to Africa in 1959, 17th July.

Also we visited the “shifting sand” where the clients had a great time. This sand popped out from a live volcano few kilometers away in 1969 and moves about 17 meters a year. This sand is made of iron fire lings (hydro-carbonic irons) and can be attracted by a magnetic.



We continued to the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge, our base for the next three nights.

May 5, 2016

This day was so special since the clients were looking forward to seeing cheetahs and we were thrilled when we saw four cheetahs at a close range. They entertained us by chasing a group of zebras and then climbing a small tree and posing on the termite mounds.


MAY 6, 2016

After an early morning balloon safari, we had a great day being in the midst of the entire migration as it has been said to be the world great show on Earth. It was awesome and magnificent! Equally as thrilling was the sighting of lions and cheetahs posing on the rocks.


MAY 7, 2016

This day we packed and moved to Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge in the morning. We saw leopards in trees, lions on the rock kopjes and many hippopotamus which were the highlights of the day as they were so entertaining.


MAY 8, 2016

Today once again was incredible to see the migration for the last time. We drove to Namiri plains where we saw unbelievable numbers of both wildebeests and zebras and lots of lions and cheetahs and we had picnic lunch between the migration and lions on the kopjes.


We also saw tree climbing lions and two leopards posing in trees; all these cats are attracted by the presence of the migratory animals.


MAY 9, 2016

This was the end of our adventure safari. We left at 0800 hours and did a game drive en route to the airstrip so they could catch their flight at 1100hrs. The clients were very happy with what we saw in terms of game as well as their involvement in finding animals. The highlight of the safari – witnessing the great migration on the Serengeti.


March Safari for the Ashcroft Party Guided by Mkenda Emmanuel

These clients discovered AAC through Travel+Leisure magazine where they found out that AAC was chosen as the best family safari company of the year and they spoke to owner Mark Nolting several times before they booked so they had very high expectations.


The clients were very happy from the way I involved them in the art of finding animals as we were driving. We were able to find cheetahs – we saw one killing a gazelle and another time one was walking alone and it came directly to us and jumped onto the hood of our vehicle to get a better views of the plains. It was a great moment!


MAR 21, 2016

The safari started by picking up the clients from Arusha where I gave thorough briefing and going through the itinerary. I talked about safety, the use of seat belt on highway, using sealed bottled water for drinking and brushing their teeth, ensuring that all their valuable belongings should be very close to them and should not left unattended. Also we discussed about taking pictures of people especially the tribes which are living in traditional ways of life as they think that when you take pictures of them you are stealing their soul.

We started driving to Gibbs for lunch while and continued to discuss about my country including the history of Tanzania from colonial period until to date, economy and geology. We also talked about the Berlin conference which divided Africa in 1884 which resulted in the formation of the country Tanganyika (which became Tanzania after the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar). Then about Rift Valley formation that created alkaline lakes which attract flamingoes and makes a good tourist attraction.

I talked about Mto wa Mbu, also known as Mosquito Crick Town, which is a good example of a town that depends on tourism and a cross pollination of different tribes.

They had lunch and after they visited the garden where they grow vegetable organically. They appreciated the efforts done by Gibbs for having such good operation and providing delicious food.

We continued to the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, whereby on the way we stopped at the crater view. The caldera is the largest intact caldera which is an unbroken wall and is one of the natural wonders of the world.

MAR 22, 2016

We started at six in the morning taking both a picnic breakfast and lunch. We were very lucky as we saw a huge pride of lions just as we arrived at the crater floor and a hyena eating from a buffalo carcass. Then a rhino crossed the road. It was amazing for my clients as they have been in Botswana but they did not see a black rhino. We stopped for our picnic breakfast at the hippopotamus pool. After the break we saw more lions and huge bull elephant with massive tusks almost the same length as its trunk. Such tusks are very rare to see due to poaching. Only wild elephants can have such tusks.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a picnic lunch at another peaceful site. After lunch we continued with our game drive where we saw more lions and rhinos (seven exactly). Seeing rhinos in the crater is very important and unique as this is the only place where you can see them in their natural habitat. Other places they were introduced or reintroduced.


MAR 23, 2016

Today we stopped at the Olduvai Gorge enroute to our camp in the Serengeti. On the way I gave a lecture of the site that is unique as it was the first place to find the oldest skull of human kind. On July 17, 1959 archaeologists Luis Leaky and Mary Leaky made this crucial discovery after 28 years of searching. We then visited the museum and the site where the first skull was found.

After Olduvai, we went to shifting sand and it was one of the highlights of their safari. When we arrived at the shifting sand, I told them that we have to treat with great care and respect as Maasai are worshiping – it means we have to approach with respect as we are entering the church. The clients were amazed by the fact that the sand is having magnetic effect and that they move 17 meters a year.

After lunch we had a game drive where we saw some lions and flamingoes and gorgeous sunset.


MAR 24, 2016

This was a great day as we saw a lot including a cheetah kill, mating lions and a pride of ten lions. It was great to teach my clients the art of finding game, as they were looking to find cheetah. We began our search of cheetahs and drove for about 30 minutes and then from a distance I saw two heads of something then when I took binoculars I saw two cheetahs. We followed them until they killed a young gazelle. It was incredible and awesome from start to finish.

After lunch we saw mating lions and some flamingos flying in the Lake Ndutu area as well as other general game.


MAR 25, 2016

Another great day! We saw a gazelle looking in one direction for long time and when we looked through binoculars we saw a cheetah looking at the gazelle then started coming towards us then continued coming and jumped onto the hood of the vehicle. That was an awesome sighting as we found it on our own (with no other vehicles around). We also saw a caracal and vultures landing on a dead zebra and a lion with good reflection in the water.


MAR 26, 2016

This was the last day where we had lunch with the migration surrounding us, some zebras drinking and lions in the tree. Also we saw small crocodile at Seronera river.


The clients were very happy as they could not believe the way we found all the animals they were looking for. We got them all!

AAC Privately Guided Family and Solo Traveler trips with our Tanzania Guides (Oct – Dec 2015)

December Safari for the Walkowicz Party Guided by Wilfred Mollel

The Walkowicz’s were expecting to see all the animals, from the big five to the rare ones like pangolin. The overall experience was above and beyond their expectations.

We began the adventure when I picked them up at the Lake Manyara airstrip and then drove to Gibbs Farm for overnight.
The following day we left Gibbs Farm after an early breakfast and drove down to the Ngorongoro Caldera. We found a wide variety of animals like ostriches, warthogs and their piglets, rhinos, lions, buffalos, hippos, zebras, jackals, and different bird species.


On the 3rd day we visited Olduvai Gorge and a Maasai Village on our way to Olakira Camp. We saw a lot on the way. We arrived for late lunch, which was followed by afternoon game drive. We had the opportunity to see a pride of seven lions, and that was the highlight of the day. Then we drove back to camp for overnight.


The following morning we started the game drive at 7:00 am aiming to find some cheetahs. And we did! Then we came across a clan of hyenas feeding. Then vultures came before we got back to the camp for lunch. During the afternoon drive we saw herds of wildebeests, gazelles, giraffes, and four lionesses and their seven cubs.


Our second full day in the Serengeti we drove all the way to the Seronera Valley purposely looking for the leopards and perhaps a pangolin. We found a leopard, some lions on kopjes, cheetahs, jackals, clan of hyenas and many more.


Their safari ended on Day 6 when I drove them to the Ndutu airstrip for Air Excel flight to Zanzibar.
 Safari Guide Pease Pty’s Report

Dec 6, 2015

I met clients at the Namanga boarder, after normal immigration formalities where I assisted them with VISA, road transfer to Arusha, our main conversation during transfers was about infrastructure and recent development of road expansion mainly at cities and national park. Lunch was served at Arusha Coffee lodge, after lunch they joined other clients and commence our safari driving to Lake Manyara via the Makuyuni road and Mto wa mbu village. Dinner and overnight at Lake Manyara Serena.


Dec 7, 2015

In the morning we had game drive at Manyara Park with lots of baboon. There had been some recent heavy rains and some roads were damaged. My clients liked birds a lot so we spent time enjoying watching wading water bird. The game drive was limited due to road condition and heavy rain. We had lunch at a lodge before driving to Serengeti. We are in short rain season in Tanzania and it had rained almost everywhere in the country. The road to the Serengeti is much better maintained than Manyara. We continued to the Serengeti Sopa for an overnight.

Dec 8, 2015

It was raining a lot today and the roads were very slippery and difficult to drive. Game viewing was more adventurous and was a real African adventurous safari. Luckily clients observed the migration around “Mawe ya simba” (in English means Lions Rocks) heading towards Naabi gate. Although the weather was not good, it was interesting to see to leopard and two male giraffe fighting.


Dec 9, 2015

This was last day in Serengeti and driving to Ngorongoro was very exciting with lots of giraffe enroute and six young lioness on the tree. Enroute to the Ngorongoro we stopped at Maasai Village. Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa.

Dec 10, 2015

We had full day in the Ngorongoro Crater with a picnic lunche. The crater animals were very close to vehicles and this provided some exciting moments for them. They really enjoyed this scenery and also the flamingo at Lake Magadi. There were plenty of lions at Kigongoni, even a couple of them mating. Sub-adult lion cubs fell asleep under the cars while their parents enjoyed a quiet moment. Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa.



Dec 11, 2015

On this day we left the Ngorongoro heading to Tarangire National Park. We enjoyed lunch at Tarangire Sopa followed by an afternoon game drive. The game drive was good with the highlight being a baby elephant playing and two crown crane birds flying overhead, scaring the baby elephant. Dinner and overnight at Tarangire Sopa.

Dec 12, 2015

This was the last day of program, enroute to Arusha we saw a bat eared fox at Tarangire gate. Lunch was at Mount Meru Hotel, and continued via road transfer to Namanga. That was end of our adventurous and good safari.

December Safari for the Alpert Party Guided by Elibariki

Day 1: I met the clients at breakfast time for introductions and a safari briefing. We departed with a picnic lunch and drove to Tarangire for a game drive. We saw zebra, hundreds of wildebeest, elephant families, a harem of impala, Nile monitor lizard, banded mangoose, about fifteen giraffe – some drinking water in the water hole and some browsing on the acacia trees, pride of two lionesses, one of them trying to hunt zebra but with no success. After lunch, we continued on an afternoon game drive where we saw common waterbuck, dwarf mongoose, troop of baboons, yellow billed stork, white backed vultures, lilac breasted roller, white headed weavers, scattered elephant families and many of the same common animals. We then drove to Chem Chem for dinner and overnight.


Day 2: After breakfast we departed to the Ngorongoro Conservation area. On our way we saw giraffe, warthogs, territorial male impala, herd of impala, banded mongoose, lilac breasted roller, helmeted guinea fowl etc. Then we had lunch at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge and the afternoon at leisure.

Day 3: After early breakfast we departed with a picnic hamper for full day game drive in the crater. We saw zebra, a herd of wildebeest, Thompson and Grant gazelles, bachelor herd of buffalo, spotted hyena and black backed jackals eating left over probably by lion, juvenile lioness walking whilst looking for rest of the pride, male ostrich sitting on the nest and so many hyena packs. We also saw black rhino, another lioness of different pride, hippos, kori bustards almost everywhere, and a huge male elephant drinking water at Ngoitoktok.




Following our picnic lunch we continued on an afternoon game drive. Late afternoon back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: After early breakfast we departed to Lake Manyara Airport where the clients flew to Arusha.

The Dixon Family Safari Guided by Daniel Nyamoga

 I met the Dixon Family at the Arusha Hotel for a safari briefing. Wwe started driving to Tarangire National Park, where we proceeded to Tarangire Safari Lodge but on the way we saw a lot elephants, impalas, waterbucks and zebras. We enjoyed lunch followed by an afternoon game drive. We had one of our best sightings – a pride of lions, calmly resting on a termite mound. We spent a significant amount of time with them and then drove back to the lodge after that.

The following day we had an early morning game drive, starting at 06:00 with a packed breakfast because we did not want to miss anything. We saw a very beautiful leopard sitting in a Baobab tree. We decided to drive back to the lodge for lunch and enroute we found a pride of lions crossing the road right in front of us. They headed to a large tree where they layed down in the shade. An afternoon game drive followed and this time the pride we saw earlier was very close to the lodge.
On Day 3 we had a vbusy day which began with a short game drive, followed by checking out of the lodge and driving to the orphanage center because they had some donations for the to children. After a memorable visit, we drove to Mto wa Mbu for a village walk. The clients enjoyed it as it gave them some interesting interaction with the locals.

Following a delicious bush lunch, we drove to Kisima Ngeda for dinner.

The next morning we started our day at 06:00 because we were going hunting with the Hadzabe bushmen. We met our local guide who took us to the bushmen. When we arrived we found them doing their morning preparations before going hunting. It was an exciting day and while we did not catch anything we enjoyed hunting with the Hadzabe and their dogs. We went back to their small village to practice using a bow and arrow. We drove back to the lodge for Brunch. In the afternoon we visited the Datoga tribe. It was very interesting how they prepare the meals, share their husbands, raise kids and making tools and so much more. That evening we went on a walk that ended up on a rock for some drinks while enjoying seeing the Sun setting down.

As yesterday was quite busy, today the clients wanted to relax a bit so we drove to Kitela Lodge, arriving in time for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing.

The next morning was a full day game viewing in the Ngorongoro Crater. Seeing a rhino was our big mission today and we got lucky as we saw a beautiful rhino just eating hardly 30 meters away from the road. It was an amazing sighting!! We thought that was the highlight of the day but we were totally wrong as we saw something else that as a guide was the highlight of the day a pride of lion trying to separate a buffalo from a herd. It was like a “Hide and Seek” game because the buffalo were chasing the lion as they were chasing the buffalo. It was a drama we rarely see. We drove back to the lodge happily.

This morning was a busy start for us as we were heading to the central Serengeti and Kati Kati camp. First, we visited the Oldupai Museum, Gorge and Shifting Sand before arriving in time for lunch.

In our afternoon game drive we saw something spectacular and I must admit that this was the highlight of the entire trip. A lion sitting next to a zebra carcass, half eaten with at least 20 hyena around him just waiting patiently. On our left side there was a herd of elephant grazing and slowly moving towards us before they came behind us and crossed the road. They were now heading towards the lion. They did not see the lion because the grass was very high. It ended up spooking the lion, who ran away. The hyena took the chance to claim the carcass, but when the lion saw that he decided to go back to the carcass and it became like a repeated drama.

This was another day of adventures. Our mission today was to look for more cats especially cheetahs. We started by seeing lion before we found the cheetahs. Watching them in the distance was quite nice especially with the morning light.

Our last we took a packed lunch so that we could spend more time out on the plains. We drove to Hippo pool to enjoy the hippos. The rest of the day driving around enjoying every moment. This was definitely another good day.

The Gifford Party’s Safari with Martin Mallya

Oct 2, 2015

Arrived Kilimanjaro International Airport with KLM, the Giffords were transferred to Lake Duluti Lodge where they spent a night.

Oct 3, 2015

In the morning we commenced the safari by driving to Maramboi Tented Camp in time for hot lunch. Afternoon game drive experiencing giant baobab and close viewing of lion lying under tree.

Oct 4, 2015

This was a full day game drive day with large number of elephant and guests were lucky enough to see tree-climbing lioness.


Oct 5, 2015

With packed picnic lunches we departed to Lake Manyara National Park for full day game viewing. During the drive they saw a flock of flamingos and a pride of lion eating a baboon. They were delighted to see Klipps springer and antelope standing on the rock. Late afternoon we proceeded to Ngorongoro Sopa for dinner and overnight.

Oct 6, 2015

This was second day at crater, despite the long day we had on previous day clients were keen to be at crater very early in the morning. We had our picnic lunch as usual. In the walls of crater we saw pride of lion along River Munge drinking water after a heavy meal of wildebeest. Exciting sightings also included black rhino, hyena and zebras. We returned to lodge for dinner and overnight.

Oct 7, 2015

On this day we drove to Serengeti via Maasai village and Olduvai Gorge. Lunch was served at Mbuzi Mawe camp, afternoon game drive with plenty of lions and cubs.


Oct 8, 2015

They were booked on balloon excursion, this was another day where they depart early from lodge, after balloon they had bush breakfast. We had 3 hrs. game viewing before having a hot lunch at Camp. After resting a bit we did another afternoon game drive.

Oct 9, 2015

We had full day game drive, crocodiles were along Seronera River, lions, lots of nice and beautifully birds such as lilac-breasted roller, little bee-eater etc. The whole day was spent on vast plain of Serengeti with plenty of exciting game drives. Returned to camp for dinner and overnight.

Oct 10, 2015

We spent this day around northern Serengeti, they were lucky to see leopard on the tree as well as lioness with cubs on a big rocky, lot of zebras and wildebeest. They enjoyed this scenery a lot and like the area so much. Returned to camp for overnight.

Oct 11, 2015

Unfortunately this was last day of Tanzania program, they checked out of lodge in time to connect with their flight to Mara.

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