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Alison Nolting in Kenya & Tanzania

Alison Nolting, AAC’s Managing Director, is departing today for her safari to Kenya and Tanzania! Stay tuned for updates – we’ll be sharing photos and stories from her safari on the AAC Blog in the coming days. Up first is Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, followed by a 4-night visit to Chyulu Hills.

Alison has arrived in East Africa where borders are open and it is start of the green season, one of her favorite times to explore Kenya and Tanzania. Alison has had an eventful 6 nights at both Giraffe Manor and Ol Donyo Lodge in Chyulu Hills!Before arriving there, she came prepared with both a Covid Test and Kenya Health form. She flew Qatar Airways to Nairobi via Doha. The staff all wore PPE clothing, masks and eyewear.

Additionally, all passengers were given face shields. Both lodges exercised strict protocols as well, with hand sanitizer readily available, staff all wearing masks and social distancing practiced on game drives and during meal times. This photo album depicts her time at Ol Donyo Lodge in the picturesque Chyulu Hills. She and her guide Jackson captured some great photos, including some sunset photos, a view of Kilimanjaro, a morning horseback safari followed by a bush breakfast, and some of the area’s famous “big tusker” elephants. The appeal for fresh open spaces, connecting with nature, and private experiences are waiting for those who wish to travel in the next few months in Africa. Alison feels confident that it is Safer on Safari!

Alison Nolting in Kenya and Tanzania #2

The last four days have been been spent on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a scenic 65,000 acre (18,000 hectare) wildlife area located to the north of Mt. Kenya and to the south of Samburu National Reserve.As a rhino sanctuary, Alison’s highlights included a great morning walk out from Lewa Wilderness Lodge to track white rhino in the hills. She also had numerous sightings of black rhino with young calf. Other species seen on the game drives included elephant, lion, a cheetah, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra,and Somali ostrich. Her second stay as wat the delightful gem Sirikoi; an oasis in the acacia forests with delicious food at every meal!Below are a few photos from Alison’s visit to the Lewa private wildlife conservancy, an impressive example where conservation and community come together to preserve their natural resources for future generations.

Alison Nolting in Kenya and Tanzania #3

The journey has continued through Laikipia into two additional private conservancies, Ol Pejeta and Solio.Overlooked by the dramatic snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, Ol Pejeta is home to the last two remaining northern white rhinos on the planet, plus the Jane Goodall chimpanzee sanctuary.

Alison filled her two day visit taking morning, afternoon and night game drives. She was lucky enough to see over 40 black and white rhino, cheetah, lion on a recent buffalo kill, plus an exciting sighting of a striped hyena. The Ol Pejeta Bush Camp was is a perfect location!Alison then continued to Solio, which is home to the highest concentration of rhino in Kenya. On both an afternoon and morning game drive She saw 40+ rhino on the open plan behind the lodge. She also took a day into the Aberdare which topped up some interesting species like giant forest hog, forest elephant, Sykes and Colobus monkey. Also this is a birding paradise where she was table to tick off Hartlaub Turaco and Alpine Chat. Solio was a delightful retreat for the two days with first class hospitality and a reminder of sustaintable tourism and conservation at its best!Thanks for following the safari, with some further pictures shared below from the past four days. Including Miles and Alison at the equator (latitude 0000!).

Alison and Miles at the Equator. We were sitting 7500 miles away from Washington DC!
Rhino paradise for the blackies.
Very lucky to find a cheetah on an early evening hunt.
Enjoying further sightings of black rhino.
The white rhino chilling on a morning snooze
This bufallo had the hugest boss
Our second evening we came up on a recent lion kill. We stayed onto into hte night drive with amazing interaction between lion and Vulture!
Push me-Pull you!
Delightful evening night drive at Solio
Morning sunrise of Mt Kenya from Alison’s bed
Giant Forest Hog at Aberdare
Sykes Monkey in the bamboo forest.
Forest elephant in Aberdate in a clearing in the forest (seems like it could be a bai).

Alison Nolting in Kenya and Tanzania #4

Alison and Miles have finished up their safari in Kenya with four fabulous days in the Maasai Mara visiting Naibosho Conservancy. Their base has been the stunning new Mara Nyika Camp.

Alison was last in the Mara in 2017 in June, so it has been interesting to compare the season difference now traveling in November. The grasses are still short with new shoots of green grasses plus the acacias have new leaves and blooms. Plenty of wildebeest and zebra have moved into the conservancy.

Below are a few of their photos showcasing the power of predator sightings in the Mara, plus some other interesting species. What a great ending to a safe and healthy safari! Conservation and community working together are the future to preserve Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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