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Field Sightings from Tanzania – November 2013

Mkenda was with the Chrysler Party and reported some incredible sights:
My clients were so eager to get pictures of the “big five” and had interest to see animals with large horns as well as looking forward to seeing a kill. Setting off with High expectations we began our safari adventure.

Highlights from our trip included a Lion Kill and we captured some exceptional pictures.
The experience exceeded expectations and Christie was in tears with a great a unique sighting from the Lion Kill. What an awesome moment that we were blessed to experience.


Special Sightings we encountered during our trip:
We had several special sightings from a leopard posing on the tree, lions hunting, wildebeest crossing; an elephant having just given birth, a crocodile eating a wildebeest and a Python curled around a tree.
We began our Educational experience by going to Arusha City where we had the chance to visit the National museum of natural history. This is located near Arusha and the building was the Germany administration building during colonial times.

The next day our safari experience began as we drove to Tarangire where we saw three lions just after the gate. What a great sighting, we decided to take lunch and after lunch we went to Silalei swamp where we saw lots of elephants, a leopard on a tree and python curled up in a tree.

The next morning we decided to explore the park earlier in the morning and began at 0600 hrs. Leaving early we were rewarded. We saw three cheetah at dawn an awesome sight to see a mother with her two cubs. Then we saw a leopard walking, later we saw lots of elephants and a lioness.

We departed from Tarangire and headed to Lake Manyara National park. We stayed at Tree lodge and we saw lots of baboon and flamingo enroute. The scenery was breath taking.

Our experience in the Ngorongoro crater was great! We were lucky with sightings as we just arrived we spotted two lionesses hunting and were so lucky to witness the kill unfold in front of us! Witnessing the whole drama unfold was spectacular and we managed to get great pictures.

As we left Ngorongoro and headed for the majestic Serengeti Plains, we enjoyed an enroute game drive going towards Serengeti Four Season. Being seasoned Four Seasons travellers they loved the hospitality. Mr Crysler’s daughter works at the Four Season in Hawaii and was happy to experience great hospitality in the Serengeti. We were lucky and saw some great sightings including leopards and a fully grown male lion. The most eye-catching and astonishing was to see elephant which had just given birth and other females helping.
We continued to explore and headed to Northern Serengeti as we drove to Sayari Camp on the way we saw some interesting sightings: lions mating and we managed to witness the great spectacle of the wildebeest crossing the river. We arrived at the river and waited patiently where they began one by one to cross the river. The next day we also saw a crossing and cheetah just close by. The highlight of the day was unimaginable! We saw the drama unfold as a crocodile managed to snatch one of the wildebeest and began to drown it in the water and rip it apart as other crocodiles joined. What a site we witnessed overlooking the mighty Mara River.
Our safari adventure had come to an end, it was difficult to say good bye as we shared some life memorable experiences. It was sad and heart-breaking as Christie hugged me with tears trickling from her eyes whichinduced Mr. Gage to cry too. What an incredible Safari, one I will truly cherish and remember.
George Kilias was with Chan Party and reported:


Our safari was adventurous from start to end, sightings of many animals as we visited (Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire). We were rewarded us with excellent photo opportunities.

On our first day we visited Arusha town and went around visiting key place and monuments as we made the town tour. We drove around different places, including markets, Uhuru torch monument, clock tower well known as the geographical centre of Africa, Later on we drove back to Mountain Village Lodge where they overnighted.
We departed for Kitela Lodge at 9;00hrs and arrived there in time for lunch. On our way we passed through the semi-arid country side where Masai and their livestock seemed to enjoy life. Later in the evening I met guests where I gave lecture on the history of the country, protected areas in Tanzania etc. 
Guests enjoyed the magnificent landscape of this beautiful facility (Kitela Lodge) situated just outside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
We left our lodge early enough for a full day Crater tour, diversity geological landscapes of the area made it interesting for my guests who had lots of questions. We headed into the Crater floor and were rewarded with lots of game sightings. We enjoyed the abundance of animals as well as birds life that was plenty. After our crater tour, we visited a Masai Village where they had the opportunity to learn more of the Masai Lifestyle and culture. Given the opportunity to see how they lived and interact with the Masai.
The following day we departed early at 7:30 am for Lake Manyara Park followed by lunch at Lake Manyara Serena Lodge. As we explored the unique Park and its flora and fauna, the view from the top of escarpment provides a good view of the Rain Forest, there was number of baboons that kept us entertained. We spotted Giraffes, Elephants, Zebras buffalo’s monkeys. After a successful game drive we drove to Lake Manyara Serena Lodge for lunch over looking Lake Manyara and spent the afternoon at leisure enjoying the view overlooking the Park and its surroundings.
After our breakfast at the Lodge we departed with picnic lunches as we headed to explore Tarangire National Park. The park was quickly well appreciated by Chan party and they loved the wonderful landscape and the abundance of wildlife. We spotted Thousands of Elephants that could be seen all around us, this was indeed a great Elephant’s day. We spotted herds of Zebra, buffaloes, wildebeest all animals were congregating along the Tarangire river. We saw a female lion sitting on a high ground enjoying the herbivores as they went from the river into the open savannah. Our game viewing was really successful and we decided to exit the park and Drive to Maramboi Camp for dinner and overnight.
We had the chance to continue to explore Tarangire Park and decided to start the day very early in the morning. Chan Party went on an early morning balloon ride and enjoyed the beauty of this Park from a birds eye view. I later joined them after their balloon ride and we continued with our game drives in the Park. We were lucky and had some great Sightings: two brother cheetahs. They seemed to have recently eaten as they had full belies and were resting under acacia tree digesting their meal. We observed an abandoned carcass nearby few hundred metres. We drove as far as to Silalei swamp where the game got more and more exciting. Elephants, Zebras, Lions with a buffalo kill. We were even lucky to spot python curled on the tree. We had a superb game drive in Tarangire and saw some great sightings today. We thereafter drove to back to Maramboi camp.
The next day I dropped off the Chan Party at Kuro Airstrip. The trip was a great success and we managed to share some wonderful experiences together and leaving with great memories

Gorge Mollel was with the Mason Party and reported:


Our Safari adventure began as we left from Arusha Mount Meru hotel and headed to Maromboi for lunch passing through the masai steppe. After a wonderful lunch we drove to Tarangire park for our afternoon game drive. 
We had great sighting of Lions on the tree, Leopard, Elephants , Impalas , Zebras , Wildebeest , and monkeys.


Our second day on safari and we went out with pinic lunch so we could spend more time in Tarangire park. Our full day at the park was great and we saw spotted all the big cats, Baboons, Waterbucks, Elephants bathing at the Silalei swamp, but the highlight of the day was seeing Lions foot prints and tracking them until we saw them! We had a thrilling experience! On our way to the camp we stopped at the local market where they got to see how the local people trade. We headed back to Camp for dinner and overnight.

We left Maromboi camp after breakfast and headed towards Lake Eyasi village. We got to Kisma ngeda for lunch, and the Mason Party had suggested that they want to buy a Goat for the Hazabe people, Our guide took us to the village and assisted us to buy a Goat and we headed to the Hadzabe people. We learnt all about their life style and this very interesting. The Goat was very much appreciated as it was enjoyed by all quickly put on the fire and roasted.

We had the opportunity to spend the day with the Hadzabe. The day began at around five in the morning where we followed the Hazabe for their hunting walk, it was a great experience especially when they made a kill and make their own fire.. After the time we the Hadzabe and the hunt, we visited the Datoga craft men to see how they make the iron tools. Having had witness two great cultures we head towards Exploreans for dinner and overnight. This turned out to the most appreciate and favourite lodge.
The follow day we left the camp at around seven and headed to Ngorongoro Crater. With our picnic lunch. We left with a clear mission and were eager to spot and keep a look out for Rhino. We were lucky to spot Female lion with her cubs nursing from their mother. We spotted lots of Flamingos in the distant lake, the Hippo sighting was also a treat of its own since they were out of the water and very close to the car .We left the crater floor and preceded to Oldupai gorge for learn more interesting facts on our early hominids. We the continued our drive to Serengeti Katikati camp for dinner and overnight.


– by: Mkenda, George Kilias, & Gorge Mollel
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