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The Noltings Explore the Ancient Civilization of Egypt

Ancient Civilization – Luxor

View from Winter Palace Hotel room, down to the Nile river cruise boats

Feluccas at sunset

Enjoying our first traditional Egyptian dinner – festive with a local menu

Entry into Karnak temple

Hypostyle hall

Ramses was a significant dynasty

Looking down the hall

Each King dynasty can be identified by their hieroglyphic script

A few of the restored columns showing ancient colors

Visiting Luxor Temple later in the evening

Built in 1400 BC – part of Thebes

Early morning hot air balloons at sunrise

What an incredible day – to be down inside the burial chamber of King Tut!

Ancient Civilization – Aswan

Kom Ombo – our 2nd night stop on Nile cruise – dedicated to the god Sobek. Saw the museum of mummified crocodiles

Approaching Philae Temple (Isis) Aswan

Felucca sail around Lord Kitchener Island and the Botanical gardens

Abu Simbel – Merry Christmas

King Ramses – knee (and pray)

Setting sun on our Nile Christmas – Tombs of the Nobles tucked into the hillside shadows

Earlier stop at the Old Cataract Hotel – where Agatha Christie wrote “Death on the Nile”

Great dinner on the boat – Dina our guide sharing the festive cheer

The Oman lit up at night on the hilltop

Entertainment – dancing

More dancing – Father Christmas with the Nubians

Ancient civilization – Cairo and Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx

The pyramid for Cheops – the great pyramid

The pyramid of Chefren in the middle, son of Cheops

Feels like we are in an Indiana Jones sequence being filmed here at the Sphinx – more to follow on that!

Sound and Light Show – still have Omar Sharif narrating

Ancient Civilization – Cairo city tour our way

Mena House Hotel – view from breakfast

Ritz Carlton room – our site inspection gave us a great view of Egyptian Museum to where we were headed next

Inside the museum – antiquity layout from 1901!!! Spent 3 hours in here and were able to piece our prior site visits to many of the displays. The GEM (new museum) is on the cards to open in 2020

Lunch at the Palace – Marriott has done a lovely refurb in the original dining room. It was way too cold to be outside in the terrace garden!

The Saladin citadel and Mohammed Ali mosque is a medieval Islamic fortification. warm afternoon sun

The citadel was a Perfect afternoon for the view across the city to the pyramids

Khan el-Khalil bazaar. A major souk in the Islamic Cairo.

Finished our day inside the Medina with dinner at Naguib Mahfouz. Grilled lamb kofta….delicious

Fresh bread and falafel

Mixed grill and pyramid rice – fun!

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