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Every year we highlight our newest safari programs and for 2010-2011, Voluntourism is the forefront of adventure travel and is seeing incredible growth across Africa! The opportunity to expand your horizons beyond a traditional safari experience and work hand-in-hand with local conservationists and communities is unforgettable.

These programs are exclusive to Africa Adventure Co. We know our continued business journey is “Supporting Africa”, exemplified by our sponsoring school students living in communities near parks as they are the next generation conserving their wildlife heritage. Join up for week-long, life-changing experiences. Perfect for college students, teachers, medical professionals and anyone with a love to help out.


8-Day Voluntourism at Damaraland (Namibia)
Spend 7 nights at Desert Rhino Camp which is a joint venture between Wilderness Safaris, the Doro Nawas community and a Namibian empowerment company. Your time may be spent assisting researchers gather data on the desert adapted rhino and elephant population as well as regular game drives. 
Priced from $2,975.00 per person 
Departures: daily

8-Day Research at Mashatu (Botswana)
David Evans, Business Manager to the Rattray Camp portfolio (which includes MalaMala, Sable Camp and Rattray’s) has admitted during our decade-long friendship that his true passion lies with Mashatu. This hidden gem in the Tuli Enclave is different from the other MalaMala properties as it is a bit remote and oh so scenic!


Offering unsurpassed value – enjoy spending 7 nights at Mashatu Tented Camp where you can personalize your adventure. Besides day and night game drives, accompany researchers with the Tuli Elephant Research Project and the Northern Tuli Predator Project. 
Priced from $2,175.00 per person 
Departures: daily
8-Day Bushlife Conservancy in Mana Pools (Zimbabwe)
If you have stayed in Vundu Tented Camp or canoed on the Zambezi River, then you’ve probably met Nick and Des Murray. For over 15 years they have dedicated their lives to preserving the wildlife and integrity of Mana Pools. During a week stay your days will be filled tracking wild dog, recording elephant sightings and donating time to the Bushlife Conservancy and its ongoing work with the park rangers. In addition, guided walks, game drives and canoeing will be offered. 
Priced from $2,495.00 per person 
Departures: daily


8-Day Ndarakwai Voluntourism (Tanzania)
Conservationist Peter Jones’s goal is to restore the wildlife populations on his community-based, 11,000-acre Kilimanjaro Conservancy. Actively participate in building classrooms at the local Maasai school, anti-poaching support, weeding out non indigenous plants, and environmental work with elephants.
Priced from $2,795.00 per person
Departures: daily


8-Day Children in the Ziga Wilderness (Zimbabwe)
This project is making a difference. Two new school buildings have been completed. A borehole is soon to be operational for the vegetable garden that is part of the school kitchen program. Come volunteer your time in the classroom and on the sports fields. Also participate in the Makalolo environmental and conservation efforts in Hwange, from windmills to rhino! 
Price $2,400.00 per person 
Departures: weekly



8-Day Tsavo Community Program (Kenya)
This program is near and dear to our hearts as we sponsor students from the local Moi High School. Here you will work with the local communities in the Tsavo eco-system. Projects include building education and health facilities, micro-enterprise initiatives, anti-poaching efforts and promoting sustainable eco-tourism at Taita.
Priced from $1,850.00 per person
Departures: daily

8-Day Mother Africa (Zimbabwe)
Sharon and Phil Stead may own and run several camps but t heir true passion lies with Mother Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with the Matobo Hills community and working with the Presidential Herd of Elephants near Hwange. Assist with building new classrooms, plant indigenous tree seedlings or teach the children to read at the orphanage. Participate in data collection on endangered black rhino, nesting sites for the Ground Hornbill chicks,and rock art-cave paintings. You will stay at Amalinda and Ivory Lodge as well as have an overnight village stay.
Price $2,400.00 per person
Departures: Weekly



10-Day Damaraland and Waterberg Conservation (Namibia)
This self-drive adventure across Namibia includes N/a’ankusê Wildlife Sanctuary, Damaraland and the Waterberg Plateau. Whether your interests lie in helping orphaned or injured African wildlife, researching cheetahs and leopards, or making a difference to the medical welfare and education of the under-privileged Bushman community, this is the perfect itinerary for you! 
Priced from $3,750.00 per person
Departures: daily
4-Weeks GAP Student Outreach (South Africa)
Future Nature, a leader in wilderness learning, runs 4-week Discovery courses tailormade for people who have time on their hands, and maybe a budding interest in donning khakis and tracking rhino or mingling with the emerging South African culture. Participants’ ranging from GAPS after high school or University (18 – 24) as well as older 40 – 50ish.
Priced from $3,250.00 per person – 
Departures: daily


Great book to read!


Douglas Rogers


Rogers’s poignant and humorous memoir conveys the trials, tribulations, and oddities of daily life in Zimbabwe under the corrupt, dictatorial rule of Robert Mugabe’s regime. Amidst land seizures, Rogers returns to his parents’ backpacker hotel in Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands for numerous
The portrait of the immense spirit of Rogers’s parents, as well as their desperate attempts to hold onto their way of life during those turbulent times succeeds in simultaneously uplifting, entertaining, and highlighting the plight of a nation.  It is a must read for anyone interested in traveling to this  fascinating country.
**Please call to plan a trip to visit Drifters Lodge and other destinations
in Zimbabwe. Alison Nolting will be delighted to assist those wishing
to travel to her home country.

An African Kitchen
For anyone who has traveled to southern Africa, you have probably enjoyed bobotie in the safari camps. This recipe is a perennial favorite of our very own Elena Theodosiou who is delighted to share it with you.


South Africa – World Cup

Soccer is the most widely played sport in the world. The hosting of the World Cup tournament in South Africa has shown that the “Rainbow Nation” has taken its place on the global stage.

We are excited to have assisted numerous clients with their safari adventure either before or after the World Cup matches – making it a lasting memory to their stay in Southern Africa.
We visited Cape Town in April prior to the World Cup. The city looked great, new roads and bridges, everyone putting on their best. The nearby stadium, just down the street from the One & Only was lit up like a beacon in the night. I love food and was looking forward to a wonderful dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze.
Reservations were set and we arrived to a beautiful dining room with 5-star service – the kind of place with 3 different wineglasses and 42 different kinds of silverware to choose from. After several cocktails my loin of springbok arrived. My traveling partner said “oh look it’s medium rare”. “Of course it is, that’s how I ordered it” I replied. The meat was so tough to cut, I almost had to rip and tear it apart, but yet so tender it almost melted in your mouth. After I managed to hack my way through half the loin, the hostess arrived tableside and said “this might help you” as she discreetly removed the cardboard sleeve from the knife – which by the way said “Medium rare”. We laughed, I cried.
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