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7 of Our Absolute Favorite Adventures on Foot

For the more active travelers or those who want to feel connected to the African soil underneath their feet, nothing compares to a walking safari or hiking adventure. With trained guides leading the way, you’ll experience sightings of wildlife, scenery and historical sites in a whole new way!

So, in honor of World Giraffe Day, we invite you take a look at our 7 hand-picked itineraries, some of which you can see giraffe!

12-Day Old Fashioned Group Walking Safari to Zambia

Celebrate International Giraffe Day while on this “National Geographic Tour of a Lifetime”
(South Luangwa National Park, Zambia)

18-Day Group North and South Safari to Tanzania

Tanzania’s best walking safaris are at the southern national parks of Ruaha and Selous (Ruaha National Park, Tanzania)

12-Day “Eyes on Elephant” Safari to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s safari guides know how to get awesomely close encounters with wildlife (Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe)

12-Day Active South Africa

The Hermanus vicinity in South Africa is ideal for those who enjoy coastal scenery (Walker Bay Marine Reserve, South Africa)

15-Day Desert Dune Group Safari to Namibia

A walk on top of Namibia’s famed sand dunes is a breathtaking experience (Namib-Nauklaft National Park, Namibia)

14-Day Group Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

You will be astounded at how close gorillas will get to you while on a trek! (Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda)

14-Day Ethiopia Historic North Adventure

Climbing up to historic churches is a fantastic for active and historically-minded travelers (Abuna Yemata, Ethiopia)
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