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Andrew & Victoria on Safari in Tanzania

Our intrepid clients, Andrew and Victoria, are now on safari in Tanzania. Over the next 20 days, they’ll be visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, the Lake Ndutu area in the Southern Serengeti, and the Eastern Serengeti. With the Great Migration in these areas this time of year, they’re sure to have some amazing wildlife sightings! And of course, they’ll be in great hands with their private guide Mkenda!

Andrew & Victoria with Mkenda, one of our clients’ favorite private guides in Tanzania!

To see Victoria’s and Andrew’s safari experience in the Ngorongoro Conservation, go to Page 2 (link is at the bottom).

Part #2 Southern Serengeti

This lioness makes it look easy climbing trees!
Mom leads, cubs follow in pursuit – with plenty of splashing along the way!
With lots of rain in the south, these wildebeests and zebras had to forge a river!

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