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“How to Photograph the Great Migration” – Page 6

The Great Migration in the Serengeti is the phenomenal movement of wildebeests and zebra from the southern Serengeti plains through the western corridor to the Mara River in the northern corridor following water and green pastures.  My preferred type of camera is a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) with interchangeable lenses and accessories to suit every situation.

Helpful tips:
* The safari vehicle should be positioned so that the sun is behind you while facing your subject.
* Don’t point your camera into the sun.
* The best natural light is duri ng early morning and late afternoon
* Always use a support (like a bean bag) for lenses 300mm or more to prevent camera shake and blurry photos.
* By focusing on the eyes of the animal or bird, you enforce the connection between the viewer and subject.





Congratulations to our Tanzania Guides of 2013! Ephata Lotashu (left)
and Hillary Mandia (right) are the two winners.
– by: Top Naturalist Guide Emmanuel Mkenda
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