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Stay Longer, Stay Remoter: Laikipia

While on safari in Laikipia in January, AAC safari consultant Kollin Buchholz captured this photo of Mt. Kenya and a rhino

In the region of Laikipia located in Kenya’s far north, the scenery and wildlife to be seen and the experiences to be had are enchantingly unique. Far removed from the oft-visited Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park, Laikipia is a place where the safari experience “slows down.”

A safari to Laikpia is not about rushing from one wildlife sighting to the next, but rather, game viewing in a more immersive and active way. From walking safaris, to mountain biking, horse and camel rides, to meeting with rhino researchers and anti-poaching units, and even scenic flights aboard helicopters or bi-planes, Laikipia will expand your perspective about what an African safari truly is.

A lion majestically posing in front of Mt. Kenya

For those looking to go on safari sooner rather than later, Laikipia is an exceptional destination. December to March is the dry season, which means clear skies, cooler temperatures and stellar game-viewing. Kenya requires a negative PCR Covid-19 test result within 96 hours of arrival. Additionally, safariers come from the United States can fly directly into Nairobi from New York on Kenya Airways.

As a matter of fact, AAC clients recently returned from such a safari. See what our clients Darlene and Mark Knott had to see about their September safari to Laikipia.

Laikipia: Overview

The Laikipia region is located in the northern part of Kenya

Rather than being a single national park or reserve, Laikipia is a region composed of numerous privately-owned ranches and conservancies. In short, cattle share the land with many of Africa’s most iconic widlife species, providing sustainable solutions for both wildlife and locals. As a result, the safari experience private conservancies is more “exclusive” and the variety of available activities greater.

Take a look at this photo gallery to see what the Laikipia safari experience means.

Laikipia is one the best places to see black and white rhino in all of Africa
An unique experience offered at Laikipia is camel rides, where you can see wildlife like the rare Reticulated giraffe
Solio and Lewa Conservancies are both rhino sanctuaries, which allows safariers incredible interactive opportunities
Bush dinners, breakfasts and lunches can be arranged at most of Laikipia’s conservancies
Experienced horse riders will greatly enjoy taking in the scenery and wildlife in Laikipia’s open plains
When on a walking safari, safariers can see why the Maasai call this region “the treeless plain”
Gerenuks (left) and Grevy’s zebra (right) are two of the several unique species that inhabit Laikipia

AAC’s Favorite Camps & Lodges in Laikipia

Solio Lodge

The exterior of one of Solio Lodge‘s 5 contemporary luxurious cottages
  • Location: Solio Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • # of Rooms: 4 luxury cottages & 1 family cottage (with 2 en-suite bedrooms)
  • Available Activities: day & night game drives; guided walks; school & community visits; scenic helicopter ride; massages; mountain biking; horseback riding; visit a coffee plantation; birdwatching; fishing
  • per Person per Night Rate Low // Peak Season: $770.00 // $1045.00
Each cottage not only has a private lounge and fire place, but also a spacious bathroom and bath!

In Laikipia’s far south, lies the 19,000-acre Solio Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary. Solio boasts an astonishing population of both black and white rhinos, and it arguably offers the best game viewing experience in the whole Laikipia region. In recent years, African Wild Dogs have been reintroduced. Nestled within the ranch’s boundaries is Solio Lodge, one of Kenya’s most luxurious lodges. This intimate lodge’s rooms are surrounded by glass panes and are very spacious, with en-suite bathrooms and a private lounge equipped with a fireplace. After a long day enjoying the many activities on hand, you can even enjoy an in-room massage!

Loisaba Tented Camp

Loisaba Tented Camp is situated atop an escarpment, offering stunning views of the Laikipia plains
  • Location: Loisaba Conservancy
  • # of Rooms: 12 luxury tents
  • Available Activities: day & night game drives; guided walks;meet the Loisaba Conservancy anti-poaching unit; mountain biking; horseback riding; fishing
  • per Person per Night Rate Low // Peak Season: $544.00 // $747.00
The view from the interior of one of Loisaba Tented Camp‘s spacious tents

Loisaba Tented Camp is located in the Loisaba Conservancy, a 65,000 acre ranch located in northern Laikipia. As can be seen, the camp is perched on the edge of the Rift Valley escarpment, with breathtaking views of the plains below. The camp’s 12 tents are all en-suite, have polished wood floors and expansive verandas to take in the spectacular views. For family groups, 6 of the tents can combine to form 3 two-bedroom family tents. Uniquely, a notable activity is spending time with Loisaba’s anti-poaching unit and their dogs. Lastly, the main area has a beautiful infinity pool, ideal for cooling off after an active day!

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp exudes a rustic charm
  • Location: Ol Pejeta Ranch
  • # of Rooms: 6 tented suites & 1 family tented suite
  • Available Activities: day & night game drives; guided walks; lion tracking
  • per Person per Night Rate Low // Peak Season: $463.00 // $633.00
Sometimes you don’t even need to leave camp to see Laikipia’s wildlife!

Slightly north of Solio lies the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. By and large, if you consider yourself to be a price-conscious safarier, Ol Pejeta Bush Camp offers a rustic, yet comfortable way to experience Laikipia. The 7 tented suites are all en-suite, with flush toilets and hot-water bucket showers. Furthermore, guests are able to meet with conservation researchers and visit the nearby Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


An exterior view of one of Sirikoi‘s 4 luxury tents
  • Location: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • # of Rooms: 4 luxury tents, 1 two-bedroom Cottage & 1 three-bedroom House
  • Available Activities: day & night game drives; guided walks; school & community visits; scenic helicopter ride; massages; mountain biking; horseback riding; visit a coffee plantation; birdwatching; fishing
  • per Person per Night Rate Low // Peak Season: $845.00 // $1190.00
Before dinner, guests can choose to congregate around Sirikoi‘s fireplace

Moving further north, you reach Sirikoi, a luxurious lodge located within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. While on safari, you will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the nearby Mt Kenya. The lodge overlooks a natural waterhole that attracts local wildlife. For families or small groups looking for an even more exclusive experience, there are two villas, each with an assigned private guide, vehicle and staff. Otherwise, the camp has merely 4 tented suites, and the spacious living and dining area includes a swimming pool and a great deck with a fireplace.

Lewa Wilderness Lodge

Flying in a bi-plane at Lewa Wilderness Lodge is one of the best ways to appreciate Laikipia’s stark beauty
  • Location: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • # of Rooms: 9 thatched cottages
  • Available Activities: day & night game drives; guided walks; school & community visits; scenic helicopter ride; massages; mountain biking; horseback riding; visit a coffee plantation; birdwatching; fishing
  • per Person per Night Rate Low // Peak Season: $843.00 // $971.00
The inside of one of Lewa Wilderness‘ thatched cottages

Our last featured Laikipia property offers an incredible array of activities, something which AAC Safari Consultants Kollin and Rhoda can testify to. Along with horseback riding, camel rides and walks, guests can ride on a bi-plane as it twists and turns over Laikipia’s landscape! Equally important, the camp exudes a rustic, down-to-earth charm, from its uniquely decorated thatched cottages to the home-style meals made from garden ingredients.

Sample Itineraries Featuring the Laikipia Region

The Bendesky family on safari

Given these points, AAC would like to share two itineraries with you that showcase how Laikipia can be incorporated into your next safari. If you’re interested in either of these itineraries, or wanted to customize your own itinerary featuring Laikipia, fill out our Safari Questionnaire below!



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